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design sprints & pedro segreto

what is design sprint?

agile co-creation method developed by google

design sprint is the method developed by google ventures to create and test new ideas in 5 days. combining the approach of design thinking with the dynamics of agile methods, sprints are carried out when facing significant challenges and complex problems. as jake knapp, author of the book, says: a design sprint is a time machine. it's amazing to see how much we learn about our ideas when we turn them into prototypes and present them to real customers and users. design sprints are one-week processes involving multidisciplinary teams. it goes as follows:

monday - problem understanding
tuesday - idea creation and sketching
wednesday - solution definition
thursday - prototyping of products and services
friday - testing with real users and customer

there are already different versions of the method, such as design sprint 2.0 by aj&smart and design sprint 3.0 by design sprint academy. I myself have been working with a format that I call design sprint 4.0, combining my learnings with the best ideas from other versions.

design sprints can be conducted for various objectives: service design, branding, tactical and strategic planning, business modeling, product design, and process design. in addition to tangible solutions to problems, sprints bring alignment and clarity to teams and organizations, fostering innovation in ideas, agility in projects, and commitment to implementation.

pedro segreto

25+ years of experience

pedro segreto timeline

originally trained as an architect and urban planner at fau UFRJ in the distant year 1998, I transitioned to graphic design as a profession in 2004 and obtained a master's degree in design from PUC Rio, with a dissertation on the impact of digital technology on audiovisual production. I continued in academia, working as a professor at PUC and later as coordinator of the graphic and digital design area at IED Rio.

professionally, I founded caos! video & design in 2000, serving as creative director on dozens of projects. flash websites were our main focus for many years, but we also created numerous brands, print materials, videos, and applications for major brands and clients. in 2017, I decided to focus on facilitating agile co-creation processes and design sprints. I left caos! and have been working as an independent designer, consultant, and facilitator since then.


in recent years, I have facilitated over 80 processes and sprints for brands such as globo, boticário, ipiranga, tiktok, and americanas. along this journey, through research and study, I have developed over 40 tools for design thinking and strategic design, all available for free download in the toolbox section. I keep my focus on results and delivery and try to learn from each new process, which ends up reshaping and influencing all subsequent ones.

with the intention of connecting people and accessing new ideas, I have been the creator and curator of several initiatives and events. along with the team at caos!, we organized 76 editions of convescote - an open event that featured over 140 talks. in 2013, we created BRIO, a national award for digital projects. recently, starting in 2018, I co-created UNBOX with my partner tola faria - a 2-day creative experience with talks and co-creation dynamics.

currently, I share my learnings and ideas through talks and workshops. I believe that through collaboration, we can build bridges for the transformation of individuals and organizations. we can redefine work with more power and pleasure. we can be agile and innovative, responding to the dynamics of our times.

nice to meet you, I am pedro segreto.

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